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PACKAGE Fliteboard PRO Carbon Classic Silver

Year: 2023
Model: Carbon Classic PRO
Length: 5ft
Max HP: 35mph
Max Load: 265lbs
Color: Carbon Classic Silver

Sale Price: $11,695.00**
MSRP: $12,695.00
In Stock #FLITE07-

** Financing/Cash Only

Responsive, maneuverable and intrepid. It's the ultimate choice for freestyle riders, those with previous board sports experience and lighter weight riders.

Standard Features:

- Fliteboard PRO Carbon Classic Silver (w/ Carry Case)

- 29.5" Aluminum Series 2.2 E-foil Mast with Prop+Guard (w/ Carry Case)

- FLITE Controller

- Explore Flitecell (w/ Carry Case) with a 2.5hr Run Time

- Cruiser 1100 Front Wing (w/ Protective Sleeve)
- Cruiser 290 Rear Stabilizer Wing (w/ Protective Sleeve)

- Flite Charger (w/ Carry Case) charges in 2hrs

- 2 Year Limited Warranty

Optional Add-in's:

• Series 3 E-foil Mast Dual Drive
• Advanced Hydrofoil Wings